Professional Security Guard
Service from MDS Protection

Security Guard Service

Our consultant conducts a security assessment and together with you we determine the site procedures based on your needs. Typical procedures include site rounds, monitoring cameras, parking enforcement, securing entries, greeting visitors, checking facilities for leaks damage, etc, and other rules specific to your location. Documentation procedures including daily logs, incident reports, and other documentation may also be appropriate for your needs. We assign skilled security personnel specifically selected for your location. We offer standard police-style uniforms, plain-clothes, blazers or client can provide their own uniform specifications.


Our concierge service is tailored to the clients site and may include greeting visitors, sorting mail, deal with any issues or emergencies for residents, provide information to residents and guests, provide access control, enforce rules, and act as a go-between for residents and management when management is not on-site. Uniform is typically blazer, dress shirt, tie and slacks.

Construction Site Security

Construction projects have specific security needs. For residential developments undergoing renovations, on-site security provides assurance to residents that their units are secure during construction. Access control is also important because of safety considerations. We also offer 24 hour coverage to protect supplies and equipment. The best way to reduce risk is to be prepared by customizing a plan of action for each project, implementing the proper measures to achieve security objectives, and ongoing monitoring during construction.

Gatehouse Security

The gatehouse at any facility is usually the point of access and most important location to keep secure and manned at all times. In addition to providing security coverage our personnel are trained to act as first point of contact to visitors as well as perform any inbound and outbound processing required.

Healthcare Security

MDS has been serving the healthcare community for almost 30 years in clinical, hospital and dispensary environments. We tailor security solutions to your needs by adapting best practices to your unique client, patient and industry challenges. Our personnel are trained on site specific procedures as well as HIPAA guidelines. MDS allows healthcare providers to focus their time and resources on what they do best, delivering outstanding patient care.

Retail Security

Our security personnel are trained to work alongside store staff and coordinate with store management. We offer uniformed or plain clothes staff and customize procedures for your specific location related to loss prevention, monitoring entrances, greeting customers.

Residential Security

Our approach to residential security begins by working with all stakeholders including Property Management, Condo Associations, Tenant Councils and Residents to customize a solution to each location. This ensures the maximum in safety and service to the community. We pay close attention to details and pride ourselves on matching the right person to the environment in which they serve. Because ultimately our personnel become part of the community and we take that responsibility very seriously.